Keep Your Expectations Reasonable

by Echo Base

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released June 16, 2012

recorded at 1804
album art by Anthony Rios



all rights reserved


Echo Base Tallahassee, Florida

Used to be a two-piece, now a three-piece. Still in Tallahassee, FL.


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Track Name: 11
Possibilities for the eleventh of May. I can do whatever I'd like to. Yet, I can't think of anything that I can do that won't spark a fuse for memories. Now, I'm finding out the hard way to throw away everything. Fuck recycling. It's not Groundhog Day, I'm done living each day again and again and again.

My phone calls are ignored. Yeah, I've been here before. I'd rather leave this at your door. Our minds may wander off, that doesn't mean they lost their way. Aside from these dirty shoes, they'll still walk this line straight.

For now, I'm: sinking to the bottom of the deepest sea, or crash landing on an island where I'll still have hopes for you and me. Stop digging this grave sixty years before an expiration date. Let go, move on, no more worrying.

Orlando, take care of her for me. You see, I've done enough dreaming. It's time that I catch up on sleep. So, would you please?
Track Name: Ben Kenobi
Usually, I’m not one to offer support or even participate. Yet, I signed up to care about the same people that I’ve been too scared to care about. My offering: I’ll carry the weight of this world. Put the burden on my back, dear. My biggest fear: say, I’m not strong enough. Will I be ridiculed or forgotten of?

Is there such beauty in perfection or are my near-sighted eyes deceiving me? The hope I gained that life would change, that image now is crumbling.

Leaving footprints behind on the shores of time where everyone before me has walked the same path, where the waves break at the fault line. So, what’s the use in steadier footing if the ground beneath is splitting?

Conjuring up the will to feel like I can do enough. Blinded by LED lights. Is it too late to run to higher ground? I may not be a prophet but I refuse to let us drown. I just can’t seem to snap out of this point of view that doesn’t allow me to exist.

That’s the beauty of perception: it varies from mind to mind and changes over time. If hope seems gone at first, I’ll readjust the boundary lines.
Track Name: I Told You So
When did it become clear that I’ve become obsolete for shiner models with the right attachments? I’ve been shelved and forced to watch time pass by me.

Let’s be honest. Our wildest dreams? No, it’s beyond this. Deep down we knew this was bound to happen. With all this talk of the end of days, it’s tough to say that I once dreamed it would end this way. This future is calling. Don’t bother plugging it in, they figured it out how to do it themselves. Or, should I say itself?

Once some companions in my pocket are now enemies of the planet.

I always thought I could be perfect, but my dreams sold out for electronics. There’s no need for recharge, we’re still rejected. So, someone tell H.A.L. (9000) I’ll be over at seven.

You know what they say: if you can’t beat them, plug me in any way.
Track Name: No, Yeah...
Rain away this weight that keeps me rooted below my feet. Different reflections, but deeper connections.

Time and time again we leapt off before we should have. Now, look at us, or what’s left of us. I’m losing my limbs climbing down this cliff rather large in size. Back to where we began. I just don’t have the patience to wait for someone to save me.

My good friend once said I always manage to get things done. The truth is that I don’t know how, with all my time spent in the past. As I begin to choke down fear, I spill my guts. Behold, I’m glad.

We’re all the same. We’ll build this before we fall apart.

We’re all the same. Aren’t we all the same?
Track Name: Long Live Belle Vue
Abandoned for the winter. While we kept ourselves warm, we left you in the cold. Good riddance! Even if it’s for a short time. Lo and behold, to our surprise:

Someone let themselves in and did it without asking. Someone took advantage of our vacation time.

Could you forgive me? I didn’t mean to say those hurtful words and leave this house with such a lack of security. The lights are back on. No vacancy. Everyone's still welcomed to this party at our old fashion house, our sinking house, our fucked up house on Belle Vue